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This site was conceived in September 2009 as a home on the Web for cats who like to lounge on, climb, tap on, jump on, do office work on, or otherwise enjoy their owners' Macs. (And owners who like to bother their cats by placing them on Macs...) Does your cat fancy a particular Mac (or other Apple product)? Let us know!

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This site is in no way affiliated with Apple; we just like cute kitties on sleek hardware! We were inspired by seeing Baby, our former co-worker's parents' cat, atop a lime iMac—which led us to search for "cats on Macs" and thus discover the joy of the Cats love Macs Flickr pool and this Cute N Tiny roundup.

Thanks to yeahlikethat, ryansechrest, and voltarine for urging us to finally pull this together. Read more of the back story at MeFi Projects.

This is our favorite LOLcat.

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